Nothing can compare to the feeling you get from looking up at the stars… 

the bright lights and busy nature of city life can be great, the atmosphere and culture all rolled in to a fantastic social experience.  But what if you wanted a change of scenery?  In towns and cities, everything is so accessible, superfast wifi, transport networks, food, drink, people… everything right within your reach.  Now close your eyes and imagine a place without the hussle and bussle, somewhere where tranquility takes over… where everything is so far beyond comprehension but you feel like you can reach out and touch it… the night sky.


go past the town, through the village and continue on the winding roads through trees and past lakes and hilltops. this is the Galloway Forest.  A Dark Sky Park based on the southwest coast of scotland.  this site consists of the perfect setting for stargazing and night sky photography.

Looking up at the stars and planets has always fascinated me… first introduced to me by my granfather, it sparked a little obsession with all things space and science in a way were, because of my photography obsession, i can see the logic of the universe as artistry.  this is what gives such experiences an emotional connection.