We took to the streets of Liverpool with Cars & Coffee organiser – Norman, in his 1991 Porsche 964 C4 Lightweight NGT. A race car replica for the road, this stripped out NA Aircooled machine is everything that was right about 80’s & 90’s sports cars.  Originally a sunroof car off the production line, OCD porsche and friends all contributed to the build from Beetle to Beast – Stripping the car down to bare metal, replacing the roof, then putting it back together with the signature BBS multispoke split rims in gold and polished aluminium.

It’s No Trailer Queen

The car is often out on good/fair weather days with all of the horsepowers getting used at appropriate times.  The raspy exhaust note from the 3.6l flat 6 rear mounted aluminium block is pure music when it gets singing.  0-60mph comes in under the stated 5.5 secs due to the weight reduction, and the manual gearbox allows for faster times on the 1/4 mile as well as a higher top speed… Lets face it, manuals are more fun regardless.

A homage car done right

It might not be an original cup car but that doesn’t matter, this little blue machine is every bit at home on the streets as it is on the track… a car that can be gawked at by all

80’s electronica inspired night drive



This was a last minute spare of the moment shoot, freezing cold hanging out the side of a van at midnight.  Dispite the restrictions, this test footage came out ok.